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sports injuriesSports injuries can be brought about by traumatic events or repetitive stress patterns.  This will lead to a build up of trigger points in the muscles of the limbs affected or the supporting muscles and postural muscles of the spine and pelvis.  This will cause pain, stiffness and weakness in the effected area, but can also lead to pain referral, stiffness and weakness in neighbouring areas. Over time the build up of trigger points will lead to faulty biomechanics of the spine and pelvic joints and the peripheral joints of the body.  This in turn will lead to wear and tear or what is better know as osteoarthritis.

Leg Injury Treatments

Many hamstring, knee and ankle injuries, can be aggravated by a build up of trigger points in the pelvic muscles (primarily the gluteus muscles) and lower back muscles (primarily the quadratus lumborum).  Many shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries can be aggravated by faulty biomechanics of the neck and a build up of trigger points in the supporting muscles of the neck.

Patient Success Story

Thanks Narinder for helping me when I needed it the most. That football injury really had me for a while there and without your help I would still be out of action!

Steve H

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