Patient Testimonials

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I cannot emphasise how amazing these changes have been

by Gemma B
I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain, which I have had for a few years. Previously I have had physiotherapy exercises, which were of little help, therefore I decided to try a new approach. At first I knew little about Chiropractic and believed it to be a treatment for back and neck pain only. 5 weeks later my life started to change quite dramatically, thanks to the care I have received here. Not only has my neck pain almost been completely resolved, but also dramatic changes have happened. I have had migraine type headaches several times a week, accompanied often with vomiting for the past three years. Under the care of a neurologist, I had scans and tried different medication, with little success. I had started to accept this as part of my life. Since starting Chiropractic care, the headaches are significantly less frequent, and I have a lot more energy. I came in for neck pain, and came away feeling like a whole new person! I cannot emphasise enough how amazing these changes have been.

Neck Pain and Headaches

by Matthew K
My initial reason for choosing chiropractic care was due to neck pain after playing sport resulting in headaches and pain behind left eye and ear.

I no longer have head, eye or ear pain, and only occasional muscle pain in my neck. I have continually participated in sport throughout my care.

Since I began care I have noticed an improvement in my general comfort and well-being.

I do tell others about what chiropractic care has done for me and that it provides far more benefits than just easing and curing pain.

Lower Back Pain

by Brendan B
For approximately six years I have had a constant dull ache in my lower back that very rarely goes away.

After two months of chiropractic care the pain has now disappeared.

It feels as if something is missing, but it is definitely something I don’t want to have return.

Lower Back Pain, Buttock Pain and Leg Pain

by Joan W
My back was very stiff. I had restricted movement like bending and twisting. I had pain running down my buttocks into the inside of both my legs. Now my back is much more flexible and the pain reduced.

I still have some problems but for several days I have been pain free and have felt well, which has not happened for several years.

I am continuing chiropractic care and hope that the good days will increase in number.

Debilitating Back Pain

by Alan P
I’d been getting back pain for some three years, nothing drastic as it would last maybe a day or two, and it was just an ache, besides I’m only 34 and you don’t get bad backs at that age do you?

14 months ago the pain would last for 3 days at a time . A year ago the pain started and didn’t go away. This wasn’t just pain, it was a disability. I couldn’t dress myself; socks, trousers, shoes became my wife’s job. I couldn’t even lift my hands up to wash my hair and a bath was out of the question. I could only shower with the help of my wife.

Driving was also an awful experience, pains shooting here, there, and everywhere. Getting out of the car after a 10-minute journey took 5 minutes.

The time had come to act. I got an appointment here through a friend, and from my very first adjustment, I could see that Chiropractic was going to help me.

Within the first two weeks there was a dramatic difference in my lifestyle and within 8 weeks I was almost back to normal. After that you don’t really notice the subtle changes until one day you realize all the pains are gone and you aren’t limping anymore.