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Neck Pain Treatment Fulham

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img-neckpainWe see a lot of clients with neck and shoulder pain.  Much of the time these two painful conditions go hand in hand. We find that they are brought on by whiplash injuries sustained through road traffic accidents or simply from a fall onto an outstretched arm.  There are of course many other traumatic causes.  Postural and occupational stress is also a major cause, particularly working at a computer for many hours a day.

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Patients normally present with multiple triggers points in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, rotator cuff and the neck.  These can refer pain into the arm and hand and lead to numbness and pins and needles in the arm and hand. These trigger points can also refer into the head and cause debilitating headaches and migraines.

Our chiropractic treatment helps remove the trigger points from the muscles and restores normal function to the joints which esures the removal of pain from the area.  We will help you identify the factors that aggravate this debilitating condition, so that you can reduce your future risk of a repeat episode.